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What Can You Learn from Guys that Score Tons of Free Hook Ups?

Make no mistake about it, free hook ups require a lot of character. This should not be a surprise. Any kind of reward in life takes a lot of character. At the very least, you need to learn certain things. Learning, of course, requires self-discipline and self-control. It’s hard to learn when you’re doing things that are easy. It’s hard to invest in the proper skill set when you’re fucking around on sites like . I hope you see where I’m coming from.


If you see a guy that looks like complete and total piece of shit walking away with a hot model on his arm, pay attention. This dude knows the game. You need to look past his appearance. You need to look past the fact that he is a huge pile of shit and a complete and total loser. Pay attention to what he’s doing right. You have to remember that dudes who hook up with chicks all day everyday most often don’t look good. In fact, they are very far from George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, or Matt Damon. In most cases, they look like bums.


What gives? Very simple, they have total control over their self-esteem and self-confidence. It’s very hard to get people to like you if you don’t even like yourself. It’s very hard to attract people if you’re not even attracted to yourself. So, these guys have a tremendous inner core of confidence. That’s the first lesson you can learn from them.


Second, they put in the time to learn. A lot of these guys talk a big game and they say that they were born chick magnets. Some even say that they know how to fuck chicks starting from when they were very young. Don’t believe any of that bullshit. Nine times out of ten, these dudes were just like you and me. They failed again and again to hook up with chicks. The big difference is they did not give up. They kept failing, but they kept paying attention.


Do you remember the roadrunner cartoons? If the coyote only took notes regarding his failures and kept trying the same approach while improving his game, chances are he would have eaten that roadrunner. The same applies to chasing pussy. If you chase pussy every once in a while and fail and give up, nothing’s going to happen. You’re always going to go back to square 1.


However, if you chase after pussy and you fail and you pay attention to what you did wrong and you made some certain changes, it’s only a matter of time until you get pussy on a very consistent level. That, my friend, is the big difference between guys who are drowning in pussy and dudes who are jerking off all the time.