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Veiny Boobed Vixen

>Veiny Boobed Vixen

Anna Beck makes her second Voluptuous appearance in less than a year. The now-23 year-old Czech enjoys skiing, knitting, singing, photography and snowboarding. She believes in astrology and reads her horoscope every day. Anna doesn’t speak English but we can live with that. Modeling is a funtime thing for Anna who has a regular job. It may be just a passing fancy. She’s really good at it and takes direction exceptionally well. All we can hope for is that Anna liked it well enough to keep it up. Whatever the case, enjoy her now while you have her. Maybe we should send Anna horoscopes that advise her to keep posing.

Veiny Boobed Vixen



Comment from gerrard
Time: August 22, 2010, 7:24 am

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