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Should you have an affair?

It’s easy to think that just because everybody is trying to have an affair that you should have one too. After all, it’s not hard to figure out why this is the case. There seems to be a craze raging through the internet and social media in America. It seems like everybody is discovering the thrills, chills, and spills of banging somebody who’s not your wife. I totally get where these people are coming from. I can see the sense of possibility and opportunity there, especially after you sign up on AffairSite

The problem is, we are more than our biological parts. I wish life could be just reduced to simple numbers that we could all agree on and all the complications and messy calculations that we have to do on a moment to moment basis would simply go away. Unfortunately, if I were to think that, then I would be living in fantasy land. That doesn’t exist. We live in the real world and there’s a lot more that constitutes human beings than simply biological or even rational processes.

While it is easy to see why people like to assume total rationality in their lives, this is just a foolish exercise in wishful thinking.

It’s this X factor that we really need to pay close attention to if yourself the key question of whether you should have an affair or not. You’d be surprised as to the answers that you would get. You would be surprised at the fact that you are actually more moral or traditional than you think. Now, don’t get me wrong, just because I say the word moral doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re conservative or has to fit some sort of pattern from the past. There are of course different ways to define morality. Still, it is one factor that you need to pay attention to.